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Pathways Europe

Prepare to Play Pro Pathways
(Ages 14-18+)   

Young academy players at professional clubs in Europe follow a clearly defined pathway through the foundation phase (ages 8-11), youth development phase (ages 12-16) and professional phase (ages 17-21) towards higher levels of play. 


At every stage along the way the players are individually aware of their current performance levels and provided with an individual learning plan (ILP) so they can focus on attaining the performance required to succeed at that club. 


Players at this age cannot be considered for formal trials opportunities at professional clubs in Europe but can train at professional clubs and gain valuable training and playing experiences that will help them succeed in the future.


We can provide these types of opportunities at professional clubs in the UK, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Germany. Every player considered for this program will complete benchmark performance testing, submit video footage and will be interviewed so that we can provide you with a detailed pathways plan specific to your performance level and future soccer goals.    

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