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Hamlet Nekrasov
Hamlet Nekrasov

Ufed Physical Analyzer Dongle 22 Fixed

i received the ufed 4pc to look at in the middle of november 2019. i was really excited about testing this product because i had reviewed the ufed 4pc which is based on the same platform as ufed 4pc ultimate. i had studied the software and i was looking forward to putting the two together.

ufed physical analyzer dongle 22

unfortunately, you can't use ufed 4pc as a stand-alone product. it needs to be run with cellebrites ufed logical. the cost of going along with the application will be the price of the usb dongle. if you have a second pc, you can use ufed 4pc on that one as well. not every forensic computer lab or office has enough money in their budget to buy a $200 digital forensics kit.

cellebrite's ufed computer-based forensics and analysis tools include ufed physical, ufed logical and ufed touch. ufed logical is the software platform used to perform collection, application and deployment of those tools. it provides the infrastructure for the tools and the details of the command language for the collection, application and deployment of those tools.

in the ufed touch, the forensics and analysis tools are tied together in a single product. so you can use ufed touch to perform field collection, carry out the required initial data analysis and create a forensic image of the device. then, using another pc or laptop you can review the collected information and perform additional analysis.

as you can see, ufed 4pc costs $200 and the 4u version costs $360. if you're just starting out with the ufed line of software, use ufed logical to perform the collection and analysis. if you're working on a windows 7 system and need to move past windows xp (such as taking snapshots of older systems) do the following:


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