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[S3E1] Love, Next Love

This next scene is almost too heartbreaking to re-live. Theo doesn't even try to lie to the woman he loves and begs her to flee her murderous husband with him. Dylan Arnold is outstanding in this scene, his face telling us that he knows the truth but desperately wishes he didn't.

[S3E1] Love, Next Love

The cliffhanger pretended that there might not even be a show if Vinny can't get it together, but of course next week it will be revealed to be nothing and the season will continue on. Double Shot at Love Season 3's premise is slightly watered down from the first season, where Vinny and Pauly were competing to find love with the same cast of women. It also lacks the familiarity of the second season, which featured some of the cast members from the first, added the Cujins, and basically tried to bring back the debauchery and drama of the original Jersey Shore with a younger cast who happened to be staying in a hotel suite with Vinny and Pauly. This time around, it's only Vinny looking for love, but when he doesn't seem that into it himself, it's a hard sell for the rest of us. But the teaser for the rest of the season offers hope in the form of lots of guest stars, so I'll reserve my judgment for now, comrades. 041b061a72


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