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2021/2022 Training Classes

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Isaiah Smith
Isaiah Smith

Programma Loopy Hd Skachat

DYLOS DyLOS can now apply pixel mapping for any fixture parameter between 2 and 3 presets Added DyLOS generators: - Patterns: Plasma, Voronoi - 2D Shapes: Bouncing Balls, Bouncing Shapes, Meta-balls, Floweroid - Nature: Fire, Steam Added color palettes to Dylos (First row of 256 pixels in PNG image are used to map - generator output - intensity levels to indexed colors) Added 2 and 3-preset pixel mapping mode and opacity mapping modes Dynamic Intensity mapping is now the default Added white mapping mode to DyLOS to include all emitter channels (e.g. white, amber, lime) in pixel-mapping to better represent unsaturated colors on stage: it also uses color information and relative brightness data of all color emitters to balance emitter brightness, as well as apply color temperature across emitter channels for unsaturated colors Added feedback to indicate alpha information availability in content Missing content is now also indicated on the content type (media, text, ...) tabs Added "intensity + other emitters" mapping mode for fixtures without RGB emitters but with various other emitter types Added "background color" effect and "masks as background" mode to masks Added color palette generator/editor Added configurable DyLOS thumb overlays, optionally showing curves for matrix generators and mapping gamma curves DyLOS Framing and Iris will now follow opacity mapping (indicated using hatching pattern) Added DyLOS zone output panel Anti-aliasing in DyLOS can be disabled for better pixel accuracy DyLOS framing now is corner point oriented instead of "blade" oriented Added DyLOS mirror effect Added DyLOS tunnel effect Added framing and iris to DyLOS zone slot Added DyLOS frame blending Added DyLOS thumbnail feedback options Continous/loop improvements on DyLOS Fixed fixture rotation on 2D plan being ignored for pixel mapping Fixed pixel mapping to ignore master parameters specifically Added new parameters for new DyLOS effects and generators Improved CMY mapping to favor intensity channel to color saturation channels (to limit color flag usage and to avoid non-pure blacks) DyLOS manual values and origin are now shown in live output DyLOS zones slots can now be expanded/collapsed in Fixture Center DyLOS values are now shown in live output Added options menu to zone composer Weight modes allow for selecting "Zone Intensity" (default, backward compatible, LTP) and the newer "Manual Weight" (which has improved) Fixed value changes in DyLOS zone composer not being synchronized over the network Replaced LTP with programmable weight control between direct and pixel mapped programming

programma loopy hd skachat



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