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Luca Richardson

South Couple 1mp4

We had a great time with the Wild West Saloon. It was very straight forward, clean, and clever. We got stuck a couple of times and a quick hint from the man upstairs had us right back on track. We finished under the time limit. Looking forward to the next one!

South couple 1mp4

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Yet the rapid growth here masks a stunning success across India, wherefertility has plummeted from an average of six children per woman to three.This trend offers hope that India's population might stop growing this century.But the outcome depends on whether the northern states can repeat the successof the south where birth rates are almost as low as Europe's.

CARL HAUB (Population Reference Bureau): And the south of India,of course, is very educated. However, the opposite is the case in the north,and that's where India's demographic future really lies. In a state like UttarPradesh, where women average about five children each in their lifetime, andthey have very high levels of illiteracy, this is where the real battle forIndia's future is going to be fought.

NARRATOR: On the edge of the Deccan plains, barefoot childrenwalk towards their school in the rural village of Saswad. The daily rhythm oflife here masks an unusual event unfolding in the heart of the village. Newlymarried couples play games to get to know each other as they wait to have theirwedding portraits taken. The gathering has been organized by social workerManisha Gupta to help young men and women bridge India's stark genderdivide.

The stakes are enormous. The age structure of India's population resemblesa pyramid, with vast numbers of youth at its base. Half the country, mirroringthe world at large, is under 25 and reaching reproductive age. If couples inthis generation have only two children, in effect replacing themselves,population growth will soon halt.

MANISHA GUPTA: A lot of the couples said that they'd be happy with twochildren. And we said, "What gender?" And they said it doesn't matter. It'svery nice of them to say it. Ten years ago our people wouldn't have even saidit. But I'm not really sure what would happen in the household if there werejust two daughters.

CARL HAUB:Suppose in India they really did achieve two children percouple in, let's say, 15 years. Then they would rise to about 1.6 billion by2050. But the key is, if couples have, on average, about two and a halfchildren, India would get its second billion by the middle of this century.

NARRATOR: Across the industrialized world, the average familysize is now at or below two children. This stunning change has slowedpopulation growth, yet it also signals the advent of global aging. Confrontedby the prospect of shrinking populations, many countries now encourage couplesto have more children. Ironically, they're finding that it maybe easier to cutfertility than it is to raise it.

Henry Filters was founded in a small garage in Bowling Green, Ohio, under the name Henry Manufacturing back in 1952 by the original owner, the late Harold Henry Harms. Only a couple of years had passed when the Company outgrew the garage and had to be moved to a location on Reed Street. As business rapidly grew, a new facility was built in 1971, at the current location on Van Camp Road. Even after the initial construction finished, there proved not to be enough room for the rapidly growing Company. So over the years, many office renovations were completed, as well as the addition of new supplemental fabrication and storage facilities.

American actress Gabrielle Union and her husband, Dwayne Wade, have been on a visit to Africa for the past weeks. The two managed to sneak into South Africa without the media knowing about it and spend the night partying up a storm at Konka. Many fans of the famous couple were shocked when the two showed up at Konka and danced with other Mzansi stars.

Union reposted the pictures and videos on her Instagram stories as she shared that she had a good time in South Africa. Dwayne Wade even put on quite a show while dancing in a Shadow dance Box at the club. Today the couple has shared pictures showing that they are in Nairobi hanging out at sand dunes.

*Please note: that our trips are designed for private groups only with the minimum number of people in each group listed with our rates. We no longer cater to solo or couple travelers and you are unable to join an existing group.

*Please note that our trips are designed for private groups only with the minimum number of people in each group listed with our rates. We no longer cater to solo or couple travelers and you are unable to join an existing group. 041b061a72


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