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2021/2022 Training Classes

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[S2E2] Waiting To Exhale

Little Chino, at a house party, steps out for a smoke. In the shadows, Dexter waits. Slowly, Little Chino approaches. Dexter finds himself shaking, but manages to confront Little Chino. Suddenly, Dexter is hit from behind, and Little Chino tells him that they've been waiting for him. But in the commotion, Dexter disappears. Little Chino and his gang search for him. Dexter, hiding in the storm drain, wonders what's wrong with him.

[S2E2] Waiting to Exhale

A dirty, smelly Dexter trudges home after a long night in the sewer, only to find an angry Rita waiting for him. Rita tells Dexter that she intends to give Paul a funeral for the sake of her kids, and so that she can move forward. Rita demands that Dexter come to the funeral. 041b061a72


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