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Silas Mitchell
Silas Mitchell

Buy Iope Air Cushion

My new verdict is that this is a moisturising and hydrating formula with a dewy finish. However, it is still not suited for very dry skin and there is only so much a bb cushion can do (and it could not save that desert condition of mine)

buy iope air cushion

Amore Pacific IOPE has decided to fulfil our requests with 4th Generation Air Cushion since Spring in 2017. As one of the most-raved-about makeup products on social media, if you are one of cushion foundation fanatics, there is no way that you have fallen behind the trend.

The air cushion is much better than what I got last year, to begin with. When applied over my face, it diffuses evenly. The texture is very buildable and reveals a velvety, impeccable looking complexion.

The liquid foundation soaks into a honeycomb-like, spongy cushion. Natural and Cover are designed with large 3D cell tissues that are able to deliver a great amount of moisture. Intense Cover and Matte Longwear, by contrast, have multiple tiny cells. One thing still kept the same for all the finishes is the puff, which is slender, soft and bouncy.

I have been a huge fan of air cushions since high school. That type of foundation tends to give a natural looking complexion. The intense cover gives me high coverage, yet keeps a comfortable, breathable feeling. However, one thing has not changed yet is its limited range of shades. It does have a quite strong fragrance. The moisturizing level of intense cover is moderate for combination and oily skin types. Regarding those who have dry skin, definitely apply a layer of moisturizing cream under the air cushion.

During a recent trip to my local Korean market, I picked up IOPE Air Cushion XP Foundation. Taunted as the best-selling foundation in Korea (1 sold every 30 seconds), it was the original air cushion foundation that sparked off the craze a few years ago. New to cushion foundations? Read on to find out how they work and why they are so great!IOPE Air Cushion XP Foundation Review

Get ready to get even more beautiful! While Americans/Koreans/Pilipinos have been wrapping their heads around the BB and CC creams, fickle Koreans (me included) have already moved onto the next beauty craze. Let's Welcome the air cushion compact that started the latest Korean beauty craze IOPE Air Cushion XP Compact.

Hi there! I stumbled upon your site (love it) while researching BB Cushions, and it appears you are an aficionado! My question is shade related, I got the Etude House Cushion in N02 and it is still too dark ( I am the color of paper). What cushion in your opinion has the lightest shade?

Great review as usual. I was looking for a review for IOPE cushion and since I believe we have quite similar skin tone (from meeting you to purchase the item :p) I came back quite often. Good that I heard the good review from you and am not regretting my purchase of this cushion (and the shade) as you know sometimes english description on online website really CMI. thanks for the review! ?

Hi ! ^^ Thank you for your review! i am looking for a good cushion and i thought of getting myself the laniege one, but now I totally drop the idea of getting laniege BB cushion as you said its slightly more sticky than this IOPE ? thanks to beautifulbuns, i get to know a lot more cushion as i read all your cushion review ?

I believe that Iope has a few different lines of cushion foundations. The one I bought is the Air Cushion XP, which is apparently their most popular cushion or quite possibly, THE MOST POPULAR cushion foundation in Korea, if the stats are to be believed. One sold every 6 seconds? Well, I certainly contributed to that number! ?

Hi can you let us know the shades you r using for the different cushions? The different brands tend to have different namings and ita challenging to match them. I use laniege 21 which is a lil fair on me into ally but oxidize to be a match. Been wanting to try iope or sulwhasoo bt not sure what shade will work.

I agree to this! I own a Laneige Pore Control Cushion and have yet to use the sponge! The idea of it sitting on the plastic cover, and then using it to dab on the cushion, and then to your face, over and over again, did not really appeal to me. So to date, am using a brush with it! Haha!Never tried the IOPE (yet!) but so far cushions are okay with me ?

This is one of the reasons why I haven't bothered to purchase foundation from Korean brands. The shades are not enough. Laneige has since expanded since coming over to North America, but they also have that dewy finish. So unfortunately for me, I will not be going back to cushion foundations anymore =(

Even with a sheer layer, the amino acid coating powder helps cover up any skin imperfections that you may have. Meanwhile, its oil- and moisture-control properties prevent the cushion from darkening, smudging, and separating.

Ahhh this air cushion covers up the pores so well! And the packaging looks really fancy compared to other foundation cushions :)) Btw your new hair colour looks so amazingg omg!!! I love the new blonde parts in your hair!!!!

The air cushion foundation has been the rage in Korea and now comes the blusher that adopts the same technology.Inside the mirror case are two separate compartments containing the puff and the blush. Simply dab the puff on the blush and apply it on your cheeks for an instantly natural, moisturizing glow.Its excellent adhesive texture and long-lasting formula add a healthy glow to the complexion. 041b061a72


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