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Where To Buy Putting Green Turf

Add some fun to your backyard with an artificial turf putting green. We offer a variety of high performance putting green turf, chipping and driving mats, as well as golf accessories. Shave a few strokes off your next round and practice like a pro with a backyard putting green from Purchase Green, your #1 choice in both customer satisfaction and price.

where to buy putting green turf


XGrass manufactures and supplies a wide variety of synthetic grass products for use in constructing putting surfaces, fringe and rough. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you in selecting the correct material for the putting surface based on its location (indoor vs. outdoor), base (aggregate vs. concrete) and application. Please visit Tour Greens for the design and installation of a tour quality synthetic grass putting green.

Purchase Green's Premier Emerald Putting Greens is one of the top performing putting greens on the market! This .63" synthetic putting green with 53 oz. facewieght is an emerald and lime bi-color. This artificial putting green grass product provides a natural look with superior performance. You get the performance of nylon with the durability, color resistance, and price of polyethylene. Our putting greens are designed for golfers of all stages who want their golf putting greens to perform like the real thing! There is no putting green like the Premier Emerald Putting Green on the market today. Premier Emerald Putting Green is the best artificial grass for putting greens.

All orders of 5,000 or more sq ft of putting green artificial grass products include FREE SHIPPING!* (Customer/contractor is responsible for providing man-power/equipment to off-load putting green turf rolls at delivery point.)

When you're looking for where to buy artificial grass and buy putting green turf such as our Premier Emerald Putting Greens, Purchase Green is your #1 choice in both customer satisfaction and price.

Recreational artificial turf putting greens are different from professional greens in a few key ways. Check out the four differences between professional and recreational level artificial grass putting greens.

Professional artificial turf putting green: The chipping distance on a professional-style putting green can extend up to 50 or even 100 yards whereas a recreational green will mostly be used for practice immediately around the green.

Professional putting green: On professional-style greens, the turf will need to be rolled extensively before completing the system. You can do this by using a flat roller filled with water over the putting green surface. Ask your installation provider for the proper technique.

Competitive players are usually more meticulous and the green will endure more usage, so professional-level greens require more surface grooming, brushing, and leveling out of the infill layers over time. Additionally, more maintenance, rolling, and ball play on your putting green will create a tighter and smoother surface.

Professional artificial turf putting greens often cost between 20-50% more than ones made for leisure. The amount of infill, labor, and overall detail on professional-style greens makes them more costly.

Professional-style putting greens require a ballast, 5-7 pounds of turf infill per square foot. We recommend installing clean-washed, kiln-dried, subangular sand underneath the Envirofill turf infill, and a top dressing of 1 pound per square foot of Envirofill 16/30 a blend of black and green colored sand.

Your backyard putting green cost will vary depending on the size and scope of the project as well as the quality of the materials used in the green. According to Home Advisor, you can expect the average cost per square foot to be between $18-$25. For example, a medium-size, 200-square foot putting green costs $4,300 on average. A larger artificial green, 500-square feet or more, costs upwards of $9,000.

Want to improve your golf game from the comfort of your home? The best way to improve your golf game is to work on your short game, and what better way to do this than installing your very own backyard putting green? Backyard putting greens are becoming increasingly more popular all across the nation, and it is easy to see why. Synthetic turf putting greens provide golfers with a convenient way to practice and a fun addition to any home that friends and neighbors will love.

In addition to traditional outdoor putting greens, STI of Pennsylvania produces indoor and modular-portable greens. Our team can also enhance aesthetics and impact by installing sand bunkers, chipping stations, and fringe grass chosen from our array of indigenous and native grass turfs.

When it comes to real golf performance, no one does it better than SYNLawn and Dave Pelz. All SYNLawn golf products have been tested, analyzed, and developed to perform as close to a natural golf course putting green as possible. World renowned teaching professional, best-selling author, and golf researcher Dave Pelz has been working with SYNLawn for over five years to bring you the very best golf putting system for real golf performance and real golf improvement.

This is where putting greens come in. While golf simulators allow you to analyze your shot data and hit your irons and woods indoors, indoor putting greens allow you to practice your putting (and often chipping as well) rain or shine, day or night.

Of course, not everyone can afford top-of-the-line putting green complexes that cost four or even five figures. Fortunately, you can save a tremendous amount of money building one yourself with relatively cheap materials obtainable at your local hardware store.

However, if your putting green is to have an area of 60-70 square feet, you can expect the cost (from scratch) to be around $320. This is significantly cheaper that any pre-built branded putting green out there.

A self-contained indoor putting green generally requires not just an outer frame, but also an inner frame that supports the boards and turf placed on top as well as your body weight when standing on the putting green.

You can use cheaper particle board for the base of the putting green, but if you can afford it, we recommend plywood sheets because they are sturdier and much less likely to split or sag under pressure. The only drawback of plywood aside from price is that drilling the cup holes can be more difficult.

The great thing about a basic, flat indoor putting green is that it allows you to practice the most important aspect of putting, which is impacting the ball with a square face. Many people believe that slopes and breaks should be reserved for the golf course, and we tend to agree.

The putting surface is so realistic the ball actually checks up just like a real bent grass green, there is simply no comparison to Mirage TourPutt. Mirage is only available from licensed dealers and the company does not pay for endorsements from putting gurus or PGA Professionals, it simply does not need to.

Tempo Turf G-360375 is a revolutionary artificial turf for putting greens that is 100% recyclable. This artificial turf has also improved other critical areas of the artificial grass experience for both the consumer and the installer.

Pinpointing existing hazards underground is crucial, primarily if your installation site is above critical irrigation lines. For instance, take off unwanted sprinkler heads. Afterward, make sure all the remaining plumbing are working properly before continuing your preparations for the best putting greens. Do the same for any electrical fixture within your project area.

The stability and integrity of your putting green depends heavily on high quality base installation. First, spread a layer of the right aggregate on your installation area. Then, use a spirit level to ensure even distribution.

Ground preparation is the time to install weed barriers, cups, break snake and other putting green features. Apart from putting green turf, we also carry the best artificial grass accessories, so feel free to ask us for recommendations.

This is crucial, especially if you plan to use your putting green regularly. The infill helps keep artificial turf upright. In addition, it protects the backing system and prevents it from expanding or contracting due to weather changes.

Part of successful putting green installation and artificial turf landscaping is using the best possible products for the job. Artificial Turf Express carries everything you need for the perfect backyard golf game, including artificial grass, infill and accessories. We can deliver straight to your door or wherever your project site may be.

NexGen Lawns comes equipped to complete all your putting green, bocce ball court, and driving ranges with all the top quality supplies needed. As a leading supplier of premium synthetic grass, NexGen Lawns also carries infill for your newly crafted synthetic turf putting green or golf course. We offer a 30 mesh silica sand infill for putting greens. Also, the most effective and natural infill for putting greens. 30 Mesh silica sand infill for putting green turf is also the most economical infill for your project. The smaller grain of silica sand can quickly fit snugly into the base of the synthetic grass fibers.

NexGen Lawns 30 mesh silica sand infill for putting greens is safe and easier on the joints while walking for your next putt on the course. It comes rounded to smooth out uneven edges that could damage the synthetic grass blades. The rounded silica sand infill is applied on top of the artificial putting green turf. Additionally, the infill comes light in color to help reduce heat absorbed into the turf helping to cool the turf. The silica sand infill also helps to protect the fibers against damaging UV rays. The rounded silica sand infill weighs down the artificial putting turf and helps to stand each synthetic grass fiber up in place.

It is recommended to use 1 to 3 lbs of rounded silica sand per square foot as an infill; therefore, you can control the stimp speed of your practice putting green by the amount of infill you put into the putting green or commercial golf course. We also carry a larger grain of 20 mesh rounded silica sand infill recommended for lawns, pool surrounds, dog runs and athletic fields. 041b061a72


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