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Silas Mitchell

Bollettino Postale 896 Pdf 22: The Complete Guide to Downloading and Paying It Online

1- Go to a post office as the one I used was in Milan. Find out what Bollettino Postale (Postal bolletino) is and what you need to know. They will ask to go through to a back office, this will be a desk with a secure computer that you can use to pay. When you get there, they will ask for your details but also your PAYEE number, which is from your credit card.

Bollettino Postale 896 Pdf 22

5-Once you have downloaded the PDF, print it and take it to your local post office or to the address on your invoice. When you get to the post office, pay and leave the receipt with the post office staff. If you are going to the post office to pay, do not put the receipts in your post box. They are used for shipping (via postale) and it will be your responsibility to claim them back from your post box when you return from your holiday.

Bollettino Postale is an Italian government system used to collect utility bills in person. From my understanding the Bollettino Postale system is a barcode based system similar to the GPO public library barcode system.

We collect all the utility bills from the suppliers in the post office and then send them in an online database for each household to check and see if they need to make any payments. The billing details are all stored on the central database, with no data duplication or privacy issues. It can also be used in household where residents don't have their own email address.If you want to pay using the Bollettino Postale system, you need to notify the utility company of the email address where they can send the bill and how you want to pay.


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