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[S8E27] A Regular Epic Final Battle Part 1

"A Regular Epic Final Battle" is the three part special and the twenty-seventh episode in Season Eight (and two hundred and forty-fourth and final episode overall), serving as the series finale of Regular Show. It first aired on January 16, 2017.

[S8E27] A Regular Epic Final Battle Part 1


Part 1: An epic final battle begins.Part 2: An epic final battle comes to its dramatic conclusion, and the fate of the universe is decided.Part 3: It all begins in the first episode until Mordecai & Rigby manage to remember what's to come of the future & they go help Pops defeat Anti-Pops.

In the battle, Pops is furious with Anti-Pops for killing his friends, but to his happiness and Anti-Pops' anger, Mordecai and Rigby suddenly appear. After the fight, Pops was knocked back to the "The Naive Man from Lolliland" student film. He escapes and dodges giant letters that form "Regular Show", and tries to save Rigby but is knocked back by a giant swarm of Adhesive Notes. Mordecai's surroundings are turned into a storyboard, and Rigby turns into more adhesive notes. As they wonder what is going on, Anti-Pops describes this as describes as "the fabric of reality unraveling". To save Mordecai and Rigby from another blow from Anti-Pops, Pops launches himself into his brother, hugging him, which shrinks Anti-Pops from his titan form to his regular form, as Mordecai and Rigby watch in awe. Pops realizes the only way he can save the universe from being erased is by sacrificing himself along with his brother by flying into the Sun. Distraught with himself, Anti-Pops finds remorse for his actions and they both die, finally two brothers made with each other peace, undoing everything damaged and reviving everyone Anti-Pops had erased.

In this episode of Regular Show, Mordecai and Rigby find themselves stuck in the middle of an epic battle between Pops and Anti-Pops. With allies from both sides rallying together, the forces are evenly matched, leaving Mordecai and Rigby with no choice but to jump between the factions. Things take an unexpected turn when Pops transforms into Super Saiyan Pops, giving him the strength to take on Anti-Pops.

The two forces clash in an intense battle, with neither one having the upper hand. Mordecai and Rigby desperately try to find a way to end the battle and finally succeed when they realize that Pops and Anti-Pops are actually two parts of the same being. By reconciling the two, the battle finally comes to an end.

The episode sets up an exciting finale as Mordecai and Rigby must come up with an alternate plan to save their friends and the world from Anti-Pops. While it's clear that the two are in over their heads, their determination and courage will surely be put to the test as they face the greatest challenge of their lives. With a whole host of new allies, enemies, and adventures, this episode promises to be an epic conclusion to the beloved show.

Writing of the season had started by May 2011.[49] The season saw the premiere of the 100th episode of the series, "The Hard Easy" (previously titled "Prince Huge"). Adam Muto reported that characters not seen since the earlier seasons would return, with The Earl of Lemongrab, Magic Man, the Lich, Hunson Abadeer and Neptr being confirmed to return. Prior to the season's airing, Adam Muto said that Marceline's backstory would be explored further, and Jeremy Shada also mentioned that Marceline and Ice King would sing together,[50], which took place in the episode "I Remember You." The season featured guest voices by Donald Faison, George Takei, Erik Estrada, Andy Milonakis, Emo Phillips, Bobcat Goldthwait and Susie Essman. The season featured one complete two-parter ("Return to the Nightosphere" and "Daddy's Little Monster"), however the season's introductory episode was a continuation of the season 3 finale, and the season 4 finale continued into season 5's two-part opening episode.

Adventure Time was confirmed for another season (known as "Season 9" by the time) by Kent Osborne on July 21, 2016,[294] and it's the final season of the show.[295] According to Adam Muto, the number of episodes ordered by the network as part of the season was substantially lower than it had been, leading the production crew to believe that the series is either ending or going to end soon.[296] 041b061a72


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