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I was such an awkward teenager. Smart in books but not so much socially. There was a boy I liked. I was pretty sure he liked me back. But I didn't know how to own that and when someone mentioned it in front of a group, I panicked, froze, then started laughing. And could. Not. Stop. I actually started hyperventilating and it took an excruciatingly long time (to me) to stop. I was bright red and wanted to crawl under the cafeteria table and die.

In my last year of high school in Thailand, I applied for a government scholarship to study abroad. It was a highly competitive scholarship, and I was a (not-so-slightly) neurotic teen, so as soon as the applications opened for submission via mail (ah, the good old days), I went to the post office. I must have been more eager than I thought, because--as it turned out--I was the first person who submitted the application, and my examination ID for the scholarship was 0000001. So for each of the several examinations, I was seated at the first table that everyone has to walk past getting into the exam room, with my 0000001 ID prominently displayed. I could literally feel the eyes of every applicant on me as they file in, and hear the voice in their head go "how EAGER must she be." (I did get the scholarship, coming first out of 200 applicants. And that's how I ended up studying in the UK!) This story still makes me smile every time I think about it, and usually gets a chuckle or two out of whoever I tell it to!

My swim friends and even my sister were all in this knowing he was going to ask me on the bus. It was over a month away from homecoming and i never had a date before before so I never fathomed him asking me.

I was a teenager in the 1950s way before girls wore pants to school and everywhere else. However, because teenagers loved jeans, girls' jeans had been recently invented (high wasted, zipped up the side). Ugly. All of them were baggy on me and I hated them.

I was trick or treating with some friends of mine in eighth grade. I was dressed up as Gambit from the X-Men (it was 1994). I turned 13 that previous August. We were doing the typical eighth grade things: smashing pumpkins, toilet papering cars--the usual. And my friend, let's call him Dipshit, liked to put his bag out in front of passing cars on the street and shout, "Trick or treat!" Of course, no cars stopped.

While I was walking with Emily Gould recently, she told me a fun story about visiting New York at the age of 15: \u201CSure, there was one moment where I smoked weed for the first time on the roof of some building, and sure I had climbed up to the roof from the fire escape and then had to climb back down high as hell, which was a struggle. Did I think I might fall? Yes. But I was mostly worried about how embarrassing it would be for everyone involved if I were to die in such a stupid way.\u201D The idea of a 15-year-old worrying about their death being \u201Ccringe\u201D made us both laugh. But it got me thinking, I\u2019d love to hear some stories from y\u2019all about your teenage years. Embarrassing stories, brave stories, stories of young love or simply something silly. Tell us a story from your teenage years that\u2019ll make us smile. 041b061a72


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