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2021/2022 Training Classes

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Hamlet Nekrasov
Hamlet Nekrasov

Planet Zoo Deluxe Edition: What You Get and How to Download It

we are pleased to introduce the theme park game "planet zoo" inspired by our world's natural history, as well as a variety of special animal and plant exhibits and experiences that explore the unique stories of our local wildlife, said bergen county executive jim tedesco. planet zoo is a unique way to explore our natural world, learn about our animal friends and, most importantly, enjoy them. this is the perfect way to spend a day at the zoo with your family and friends."

Planet Zoo [Password]

the bergen county zoo is celebrating the theme park game planet zoo with zoo-wide activities on april 24th, the 14th anniversary of the event. zoo guests will be able to interact with the game on their smartphones, tablets, and laptops. they will also be able to explore the zoo with over 100 special exhibits and experiences, including finding home, a video installation exploring the natural history of our local wildlife; the resilient forest, an interactive exhibit about the importance of forests for all creatures; and the story of the lion, which features a real bengal lion named hope. learn more about the exhibit and see our new animal ambassadors on the zoos facebook page:

marayna this year were offering our first career development workshop for people interested in a career in the science, conservation and restoration of our natural world source planetzoogame planet zoo is a unique experience that combines fun, educational activities and a game-like element, allowing guests to explore our worlds natural history in a different way, said bergen county executive jim tedesco. were excited to celebrate this unique experience with our guests at the zoo.


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