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Son Pari Episode 269

Son Pari Episode 269: A Magical Adventure

Son Pari is a popular Indian fantasy television series that aired on Star Plus from 2000 to 2004. The show follows the story of Fruity, a young girl who receives a magical ball that, when rubbed, summons a fairy named Son Pari and her friend Altu. Together, they embark on various adventures and face many challenges in the magical world of Pari Lok.

In episode 269, Fruity and Son Pari are in trouble as they are captured by the evil witch Kalika, who wants to use their magic to take over Pari Lok. Kalika has also kidnapped Fruity's father and brother, and threatens to harm them if Fruity does not cooperate. Son Pari tries to escape from Kalika's clutches, but is stopped by her loyal henchman, Bhooto. Meanwhile, Altu and Ruby, Fruity's best friend, team up with the other fairies to rescue Fruity and Son Pari. They also get help from a mysterious boy named Rohit, who claims to be Fruity's long-lost cousin.


Will Fruity and Son Pari be able to defeat Kalika and save their family and friends? Will Rohit reveal his true identity and motive? Find out in this thrilling episode of Son Pari!

If you want to watch Son Pari episode 269 online, you can find it on YouTube or Trakt. You can also read more about the show and its cast on Wikipedia. Son Pari is a classic example of Indian fantasy television that has entertained millions of viewers with its magical story and characters.


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