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Equally shocking, the massacre at Pulse nightclub in Orlando,Florida, on June 12, 2016, also garnered enormous attention, and led many toreflect on the effects of gun violence, homophobia, and intolerance in theUnited States. (43) The death of 49 persons, most of them LGBT, including 23Puerto Ricans, and the injury of many more who were attending "LatinNight" at Pulse motivated Latinx activists, artists, writers, andscholars to react forcefully, particularly as mainstream media frequentlyneglected to mention the ethnic identity of the victims. (44) Among thesescholars, Lilliana Ramos Collado (2016) reflected on the significance of theLGBTT monument designed by Alberto de la Cruz, which was erected in San Juanbarely two weeks after the Pulse incident as a remembrance to the victims.(45) The monument stands at the site where the traditional yearly San JuanLGBTQ pride march concludes at Parque del Tercer Milenio near Escambronbeach. Meanwhile, the LGBTQ Latinx community of Orlando has come together andcreated QLatinx, an organization that "seeks to center and empower themost marginalized members of our community, establish affirming andsupportive healing spaces, build a strong and united community, and worktowards a society free of fear, violence, and hate." (46)

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