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Hamlet Nekrasov

Magi Season 2 Torrent

aladdin, alibaba, and morgiana are chained in prison and the chancellor tells them about his plan, which is to put a special metal on magi to increase their power and use it to destroy magicians. he also tells them that they don't have much time to escape as magicians will all be killed by the time they are freed. the chancellor then removes aladdin's metal vessel and takes it to his lab to use it. aladdin and alibaba are taken to the surface where scheherazade has already decided to fight the chancellor. morgiana and alibaba go to the surface and find out the chancellor's attack on magi has caused a lot of hardships for magicians.

Magi Season 2 Torrent


aladdin then relates to alibaba that he believes the king and royal family are still alive, saying he will find them. alibaba then explains that he has to return to the other world in order to save alibaba's mother, or dunya will die. aladdin and alibaba swear to one another that they will remain together and return to the village. aladdin says that he is going to find the royals and that he must be the one to find them. alibaba replies that he will wait for him and will return with the help of partevia if need be. aladdin is then asked to close the door with his magic turban and is told he will need a password to open it. he tells alibaba that he has no idea about what it is and that they will think of one together as they meet in the next world. they then part ways.

aladdin then travels to the old city with his friends. there, he runs into casimir, who is wearing a long cloak that hides his face. aladdin explains that he was looking for the magicians and the royals and that he was told they were in the old city. they both go to the palace and aladdin tries to open the door but is unable to do so. aladdin tells casimir that if he can use his magic to open the door, he will be able to stay as a friend of the royals. casimir, however, does not want to use his magic because if he does it, he will be imprisoned in the magi dungeon and die. aladdin then offers to not use magic and goes to the village with him. aladdin gets in touch with alibaba, who explains that the magicians are in a secure place. aladdin tells alibaba to keep casimir there and to let him know if something goes wrong.


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