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Samus Aran was hired by the Galactic Federation soon after to investigate the disappearance of the E.M.M.I. units. Raven Beak personally attacks her upon her arrival in Artaria. She gets a defiant Super Missile shot on his helmet, cracking the eye. Furious, Raven Beak grabs her by the neck and prepares to finish her off, proclaiming the Chozo words "Hadar Sen Olmen"[2] ("Power is Everything"). However, Samus suddenly awakens her Metroid powers for the first time before going unconscious, which is exactly what Raven Beak wanted. He then retreats, sparing her on the ground.

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Raven Beak overwhelms Samus a second time despite her new powers, once again holding her by the neck. He gloats that even without her cooperation, he can clone her to create an army of Samus Aran, the most powerful Metroid in existence. Samus's anger activates the full potential of her Metroid powers, allowing her to destroy Raven Beak's helmet through the crack in his eye and begin draining his life energy. Wailing and writhing in pain, Raven Beak fails to break Samus's grip as her rampant power begins draining Itorash itself, causing the fortress to crash into Hanubia.

The armor, particularly the torso, strongly resembles that of the Varia Suit, and it also utilizes an Arm Cannon similar to that of Samus. As a result of Raven Beak's first battle with Samus, his faceplate has a crack on its right eye, which Samus caused with a Super Missile hit. He is also extremely tall, being two times Samus's height without his helmet; the hieroglyphs, the Dread version of Chozo Memory 10/11, and some of the Chozo Archives imply that his height was exceptional even by Chozo standards.

The Outlander and Jorgan would find a vantage point in order to cover the retreat, as they spoke about the events of the last five years, the situation on Zakuul, and even about Arcann. This continued until Jorgan discovered Zakuulan Exiles, people who doubted Arcann's policies and actions who were subsequently left in the Swamp to die, being chased by Skytroopers as their homes were being burned down to "crack down" on negative actions against the Eternal Empire. This would later be a folly, for, during an attack on a Knight of Zakuul outpost that contained a planet-wide comm relay, the Outlander, Theron, and Havoc Squad were pinned down by Skytrooper reinforcements once their objective was achieved. The situation looked grim until the Zakuulan Exiles destroyed a transport shuttle that was ferrying additional Skytroopers, and blew up the squad that had pinned them down using thermal detonators. Depending on the Outlander's choice, the Zakuulan Exiles would either begin training with Havoc Squad to become guerrilla-fighters, or would fight on their own, no longer dependent on the Skytroopers to defend themselves.

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