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X-Plane 9.xx No DVD Linux Mod

There is a topic on this in the org. Already addressed should be in next beta. In fact you can get the temp fix there too. Laminar and users working together.//

X-Plane 9.xx No DVD Linux mod


This I knew. I was hoping for an option to exclude just autogen. Because when editing little areas and adding local buildings it would be helpful to be able to distinct weather one is exluding exlude all objetcs (e.g. also of underlying w2xp scenery) or only the x-plane autogen. Maybe something for the future features list?

Nice, everything is nice.But You should definally disable the extended dsf feature. THIS is really killing the FPS and increase dramatically the load on CPU and disks. At least put an option to control this in the preferences. It is crazy you removed this option and leave this to the modification of setting.txt file (that is reset each time x-plane updates itself).

X-Plane 11.51 update is now available. The update contains bug fixes and includes more custom airports. See the detailed list of new items here:


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