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So you want to play professional football?

Most of the players that join our program aspire to play the game at a professional level. Players who have graduated from the program such as Theo Corbeanu (Wolves), Nathanael Clarke (Fleetwood Town United) and Keito Lipovschek (currently considering professional offers) have proven that this is achievable - but only if players are fully committed to completing significant individual work outside of formal training sessions.

(We provide a FREE home training program via the Ian McClurg Soccer Training App

and also endorse the VIA Academy App )

The reason that young players must be fully committed is that academy players at professional clubs in Europe are training 10-12 hours/week minimum and have a multi-disciplinary team supporting them within a full-time training environment.

I encourage all young players to follow their team but do the work that their potential deserves. Don’t sell yourself short by leaving any stone unturned - as you will never get that time back.

Last week I attended an international youth development webinar hosted by Training Ground Guru. I have enclosed some resources below that hopefully will allow you to understand the performance levels required and what it takes. Once you understand that you can then make the decision if this path is for you. Enclosed also is a graphic that maps out the journey by young pleaser within the EPL academy system in England - which is currently one of the best or the best youth development system in the world.

(Source: Perry Steward Sports Smith - 2022) - Presented by Des Ryan at the Training Ground Guru Youth Development Webinar June 6, 2023

If the answer is still yes to pursuing this demanding pathway then I am hosting an intensive 3 day player ID event on July 3-5th in Ancaster which will be attended by players who will be travelling over to professional clubs in the UK, Portugal & Germany in the coming weeks to pursue their dreams.

This ID event is designed for players who are fully committed to pursuing a direct pathway to professional football.

Currently, I have 4 positions left that includes a $100 discount and three free additional training sessions with me on Wednesday mornings in Ancaster.

If interested, you can register here and use the promo code PlayerID:Early Bird


Developing World-Class Soccer Players: An Example of the Academy Physical Development Program From an English Premier League Team

West Ham United Academy Series - watch here

Arsenal FC Academy Series - watch here

Des Ryan: Athletic Development at Arsenal Academy - learn more

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