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Prepare to Play Pro - Europe(ages 15-24)  

Pro Trials - Europe

For many young players in North America playing football (soccer) in Europe is their ultimate goal. There are many talented players throughout North America and for players that reach the required performance standards playing professionally in Europe is achievable providing a proven process is followed to achieve this goal.


The playing standard in Europe is very high so in order to prepare our players for trials opportunities in Europe we follow a proven process  that will include benchmark testing (to compare your performance levels vs European players), game analysis and an intensive training program (individual at home).


This process will improve the performance levels of the players that we work with so so that they can successfully compete  for professional playing opportunities in Europe.   


We provide formal trials opportunities in the UK, Germany, Portugal and Spain for players aged 15-24. The opportunities available to players will depend upon their current performance levels and FIFA, EEC and Brexit regulations. 



We have placed 30 players at pro clubs in Europe 2021- 2023
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