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Play the 1 v 1 Way: Soccer Tips From and Emerging Talent Centre is aimed at parents, coaches and players, and details both McClurg’s philosophy on development, as well as practical tips for building young male and female players looking to take their game to the next level.


“When a player gets serious about the game, and wants to improve, they are often looking to go on to play professionally or at university or college,” says McClurg, who founded 1 v 1 in 2000. “What we’ve found, in talking with top clubs across Europe and North America, is that the one thing their coaches are looking for above all is technical ability. Does a player have the skill on the ball to be able to make decisions quickly and accurately? That is what we try to teach in our system, and what I’ve outlined in the book.”


In addition to the technical aspects of the game, Play the 1 v 1 Way stresses the importance of what McClurg refers to as the “development triangle” – a model that places equal emphasis on coaching, family support and the individual player.

“All three sides of the triangle need to be equally strong,” he says. “And each side needs to respect the influence of the other. For example, parents need to support their kids and help them make the best decisions. Coaches must supply the technical expertise. And the players have to be committed.”

Play the 1v1 Way! Book

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