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Talent ID & Development for the individual player

Program Partner: West Ham international academy 





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I was raised in Northern Ireland and come from a small nation that has historically over-performed within the international sporting arena.

Hard-work, determination, persistence and a contagious belief that obstacles can be overcome are the key attributes that has allowed Northern Ireland to out-perform its more illustrious competitors.

They are the same attributes that allowed me to overcome the disappointment of injury as a young player and go on to establish myself as an internationally recognized performance coach, author and talent identification expert.

My  success as a coach, and the success of the players that I have worked with has been built upon four pillars of success: skill + creativity + vision + passion!


These four pillars of success have helped develop athletes at the international level and now forms part of a unique coaching support program that I can now offer in training and preparing young North American players for opportunities in Europe. 


  • Founded and Established 1v1 Soccer as one of Canada’s leading private soccer academies

  • Former North American Recruiter/Coach for  Wolves FC & Fleetwood Town FC 

  • Internationally recognized magazine contributor and blogger on talent identification, team performance & coaching development

  • Former Toronto FC Academy Coach and Ontario Provincial Coach 



  • Masters in Performance Coaching at University of Stirling,  Scotland

  • UEFA A licence 

  • Registered Football Intermediary 

  • Professional Football Scouting Association – Level 1 & 2  Talent Identification in Football

  • NLP Sport & Performance Practitioner 

  • Masters in Business Administration

data driven individual player development  


Theo Corbeanu - Wolves & Canadian National Team 


" If you want to step up and make it to the next level you need elite ball control. Being able to train with Ian McClurg from a young age made me realize the importance of what a difference it makes when you do have full control.

The most important thing was that I was learning to develop a real feel for a football and it definitely helped me fall in love with the game that much more" 

Dr. Nick Bontis - President of Canadian Soccer 

" Today's modern game of football requires a holistic approach to training so the whole of the individual is developed - mind, body and soul. This is the essential DNA that underlines Ian's training philosophy"

James Ward, Fleetwood Town International Partnerships Manager

Ian's coaching work, experience and expertise are focused on developing the individual player to be the best that they can be technically, physically and mentally. Ian strives at providing his players with pathways to the professional game in Europe."   

Maximize your Individual Soccer Performance 

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ian mcclurg

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