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Individual Training sessions with UEFA A licensed coach 

Who am I? 


I am a UEFA A licensed soccer performance coach who focuses on improving the performance levels of individual players.


During my coaching career I have had the good fortune of working with several players who have went on to play football (soccer) the professional levels in Europe and North America. Many of these players have also went on to represent their countries at the international levels. 

They were proud comments to watch Theo Corbeanu make his EPL debut for Wolves and go on to play in La Liga and for Canada on the international stage. It was also satisfying to see Diana Matheson score the bronze medal wining goal for Canada at the 2012 Olympics.

Why Individual Player Training? 

Individual training is an important component of an individual players development.


The great Johan Cruyff said "I trained 3-4 hours at Ajaxwhen I was little but played 3-4 hours everyday on the street. Where do you think I learnt how to play? 

Study the journey of the world's best players from George Best, Maradona, Pele up to more recent players such as Ronaldo and Messi. They all had one thing in common - they all spent a significant number of hours training with the ball individually. Recent research confirms that technical ability is the most significant factor for achieving high performance on a football (soccer) field.


That is why my training sessions aim to help players maximize their playing potential by improving their individual performance levels through a technically intensive individual training program, based on the positional demands of the modern game. 

How to Works 

During my 20+ years of coaching practice I have developed a 3 stage process for individual player development. The initial stage involves understanding the player as a person first and then completing an analysis of match performance and current performance levels.


This process is followed by developing an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) with the player that is position-specific and based on their individual traits as a player.


This learning plan will drive the work that we  do together on the field - which is tracked by data to ensure that our performance goals are being achieved. If these processes are correct then we can put a short, medium and long-term plan in place to ensure that  a player is on track to train or attend formal trials at professional clubs in Europe. 

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Performance Analysis 

Lucas DB.jpg

Data Driven Performance Training 

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Pathways to Professional Football in Europe 

* Currently I am training players individually on Saturday mornings. However, players can get in touch to request alternative times. Prior to working with players I request that they first attend one of our small-group training sessions or Player ID events so I can initially assess the player. 

I am an affiliate and utilize A-Champs ROX technology which is used by several professional clubs in Europe such as Valencia CF in La Liga. Individual players can supplement the work I do with them by purchasing an individual set of ROX and a rebounder board for home use. 


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