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In order to help more Canadian players secure their first professional playing contract, I have launched a NEW fast-track program for players who are highly motivated to do the extra training required to reach professional standards. 


This program will be available to players aged 15+ worldwide and will be limited to 20 players who will work with me personally 1:1 online to improve their individual performance levels and pursue professional playing opportunities in Europe.


I believe that if players complete all the components of my online training program that they can improve performance levels by 20 % within four weeks.

You will be assigned a personalized training program on a weekly basis and your performance levels will be monitored on a weekly basis to ensure that you are achieving meaningful performance improvements.


The objective is to guide players towards the performance levels of academy players at professional clubs in Europe so that they can successfully pursue professional playing opportunities in Europe. 

player success stories 

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Theo Corbeanu - Wolves & Canada 

Click here to learn more 

Screenshot 2024-01-26 at 7.32.50 PM.png

Keito Lipovschek - Fleetwood Town United 

Click here to learn more 

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Hughie Graham - FC Thuringia Weida (Germany) 

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