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The Best Competitive Fortnite Settings In Chapt... ((NEW))

But, what are the best settings that you can have on your controller? Follow along with us as we dive into what we believe to be the best controller options for Fortnite, to help you step your game up!

The Best Competitive Fortnite Settings in Chapt...

To obtain the best streaming settings turn the quality setting of Fortnite down as much as possible. This will free up resources to that can benefit your streaming software. The settings we recommend turning as low as possible include View Distance, Shadows, Anti-Aliasing, Textures, Effects, and Post-processing. Make sure to turn off motion blur, and since your refresh limit should match the refresh rate of your screen, you can turn vsync off, as well.

Fortnite settings are divided into a few categories. Some are relatively unimportant and some make a big difference to the quality of your game. This is everything you will have to adjust to get the best Fortnite settings in Season 5 of Chapter 2.

Sensitivities in Fortnite are a little complicated. These best Fortnite settings are suggestions for what would be a good starting point. However, a lot of this comes down to what is most comfortable for you. Start with these and experiment to find those that suit the way that you play. However, building muscle memory with sensitivities means having the same settings for a while, so find ones that work for you and stick with them.

A good FPS for Fortnite in Season 5 is at least 60, but with 120 being ideal. Pro players can get even higher than this. If you have a particularly powerful PC, then you can go higher. However, even with a low-specs PC, you should try to achieve 60 fps. 120 should be achievable with the best Fortnite settings in Season 5. This will give you a big advantage, and 60 FPS should at least put you at the standard rate to compete with other players.

These are the best Fortnite settings for 2020. If you can use these, you should be able to get your game running at a much higher frames per second rate. This will give you an advantage in-game, with quicker reaction times! These are some other Fortnite guides that should be useful for Chapter 3 Series 2 of the game!

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