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La Tortilla Corredora Download Pdf

La Tortilla Corredora download pdf

La Tortilla Corredora is a traditional Chilean story about a tortilla that escapes from a hungry family and runs away from various animals that want to eat it. It is a fun and rhythmic tale that children enjoy reading and listening to. If you want to download the pdf version of this story, you can find it in different sources online. Here are some of them:

  • : This website offers a pdf file of the story with colorful illustrations by Laura Herrera. It also includes a trailer, a recipe for making tortillas, and some tips for interactive reading with children.

  • : This website provides a pdf file of the story with simple drawings and large fonts. It is suitable for printing and reading aloud with children.

  • : This website gives a summary of the story and a link to download the pdf file from Ediciones Ekaré, a publisher of children's books. It also suggests some activities and questions to do with children after reading the story.

La Tortilla Corredora is a classic story that can be enjoyed by children of different ages and cultures. It is a good way to introduce them to Chilean folklore, cuisine, and language. Download the pdf file of your choice and have fun reading it with your kids!



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