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Be a Performer

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

What type of player are you?

Typically, I come across three types of players during my normal week.

The first group are the TALKERS who tell me about their goals and everything they want to achieve. This group typically post on social media numerous times and use hashtags to attract the post interest in their training and games videos. They attend multiple ID events and pursue multiple pathways. However, they rarely invest in themselves by training individually at home. They do not test their performance levels and do not know how their current performance levels compare to the levels required to achieve their goals.

The 2nd group are the TRYERS. This group of players also have goals but are prepared to put the work in. Their challenge, however, is that like the first group they have no individual learning plan to follow. They do train at home but select random YouTube videos to follow and have no method to measure their progress. They have no method to measure if this weeks training is taking them closer to their goals.

The 3rd group are the PERFORMERS. They have researched what levels of performance they require to achieve their goals. They understand the gaps in performance levels between where they are now and where they have to get to. They also have an individual plan formulated that will help them to close those performance gaps. They have a deep passion for the game so training at home by themselves is not a hardship or considered work. It is fun. They are consistent in their motivation and typically train 4-6 hours/week with a ball themselves at home. They track their performance gains regularly (via testing) and are able to adjust and amend training if they are not achieving the desired results.

This group are a success because they are maximizing their performance levels and enjoying the process.

Are you a PERFORMER?



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