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Be the best version of yourself in 2022

2022 represents a brand new year. At this time you can review what you have accomplished during 2021 and set meaningful goals for 2022. Central to what you achieve will be how much focus you place on self-management and taking ownership of your Individual development.

All the players that I have worked with have all spent a lot of time at home on their own improving their technical ability with the ball. You can take your performance levels to a much higher level by spending at least 20-30 mins/day with a ball each day.

To assist you all with this I have released a FREE version on a training App for Individual players. The App can be downloaded from App stores. Check here for more details

Enclosed is my first newsletter of 2022 which will hopefully inspire you to higher levels of performance. Start 2022 with a clear intention and clarify to improve yourself, as a person and player each and every day.

Enclosed below are some activities to support your Individual Development

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