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Learn How to Play at an MLS Academy and at the International level – Julian Altobelli

I first worked with Julian Altobelli back in 2012. Julian played for 1v1 Soccer in SAAC ( Soccer Academy Alliance of Canada), attended our first International Player ID Camp with Wolves (2012) and travelled over to train at the Wolves FC academy in England during 2013. He now plays for Toronto FC and is part of the Canadian U17 National Team squad.

Learn how Julian became one of Canada’s top young players.

1) What were some of the challenges you faced trying to realize your goal of playing at a professional club?

Some challenges I faced trying to realize my goal playing at a professional club was for sure the competition. Day in and day out you are playing against the best players in all of Toronto. You need to put 100% into every single session on and off the field.

2) If you had to advise young players from North America how to succeed at MLS and play for their country what would they be?

Some advice I would give to young players following their dreams is to never give up no matter what. Things might not always go your way but you fight through it always.

3) How many hours do you currently train/week and what is the breakdown ie % of hours spent on technical development, tactical development, physical and mental training?

I currently train 5 days a week with 1 game on the weekend, sometimes 2. My hours spent on tactical, technical, physical, and mental training always changes, but it is a huge part to my game and I always take the time to make sure I never slack when working on these components.

4) Did you spent any hours practicing on your own growing up? If so, how many?

When growing up I spent most of my day playing soccer. At school playing during every recess, then training with my club after school, then when I’m home training again with my father. I would estimate it to be around 3 hours everyday with a ball at my feet

5) What support do you think young players from North America require in order to succeed at the highest levels?

I personally think the most important support you need to succeed at the highest level is from your family and the coaching staff, always pushing you to be your best and to never show any weakness on the field.

6) Any other thoughts you would like to share with young players?

Be different from the rest! You may see your friends partying all the time and having a blast, but keep your priorities set and focus on the game you love. Play with your heart and enjoy what you are doing!


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