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Player Tip: Improve your dribbling skills

Dribbling is an essential skill for any soccer player. It allows you to move the ball past defenders, create scoring opportunities, and control the tempo of the game.

The top dribblers in the top five leagues in Europe during 2023/2034 were:

Rayan Cherki (Lyon)

Eberechi Eze (Crystal Palace)

Leroy Sane (Bayern Munich)

Bryan Zaragoza ( Bayern Munich)

Yves Bissouma (Spurs)

What they can provide for their teams is the ability to commit defenders and take them out of the game. The most challenging situation for defenders in games is when they are isolated 1v1 against an attacking player who has the pace and technical ability to go past them.

Here are some tips and drills to help you improve your dribbling skills and take your game to the next level

Tips for Dribbling:

1. Keep your head up: Always look around and be aware of your surroundings. This will help you anticipate the movements of defenders and make better decisions.

2. Use both feet: Practice dribbling with both feet to become a more versatile player. This will also help you maintain control of the ball if one foot is injured.

3. Protect the ball: Keep the ball close to your body and use your body to shield it from defenders. This will make it harder for them to steal the ball.

4. Change direction quickly: Use quick changes of direction to throw off defenders and create space for yourself.

5. Practice at game speed: Dribbling in practice should be done at game speed to simulate real-game conditions.

Dribbling Drills:

1. Cone weave: Set up a series of cones in a zigzag pattern and practice weaving in and out of them while maintaining control of the ball.

2. Figure 8: Place two cones about 5 yards apart and practice dribbling around them in a figure-eight pattern. Focus on keeping the ball close to your body and using both feet.

3. 1v1: Set up a small field with one defender and one attacker. The attacker must dribble past the defender to score a goal. This drill will help you practice dribbling in game-like conditions.

4. Dribbling ladder: Set up a ladder on the ground and practice dribbling through it as quickly as possible, focusing on keeping the ball close to your body and using both feet.

5. Soccer tennis: Set up a net and practice dribbling the ball over it using different parts of your body (e.g., inside of your foot, outside of your foot, laces, etc.). This drill will help you improve your ball control and dribbling skills.

By incorporating these tips and drills into your training routine, you can take your dribbling skills to the next level and become a more confident and effective player on the field.

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