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We operate as a satellite centre for Fleetwood Town. The club have established an international program ( specifically to provide international players with the experience of training and playing within a professional environment. The program provides international players with the platform to improve their current performance levels by training the same as their academy players in the UK and showcasing their talent in front of Fleetwood Town staff coaches plus other professional clubs that the program plays against. This is a training and playing opportunity that is simply not available in North America.

There are several “agencies “ now promoting training & scouting programs in Europe. However, players and parents should understand that FIFA restrictions and new Brexit rules prevent clubs in the UK from signing players from North America (and Europe) unless specific conditions are met.

In many cases players from North America cannot play in competitive games. My advice is do your homework and deal directly with professional clubs. Pursuing pathways overseas requires players to focus on their performance levels and map out a phased plan that is realistic and falls within FIFA rules and other regulations.

Professional clubs in Europe do not (and in most cases) cannot sign players directly on “one training experience “ so be prepared to follow a process that may take several years. I know we live in a world where people seek “instant gratification “.

However, travelling to Europe for a single training event with former coaches from various clubs on the promise that your son and daughter “will be scouted “ is not realistic. That is why we operate a satellite training centre for Fleetwood Town International Academy. The focus is on improving the individual performance levels of players and to support them in successfully pursing appropriate pathways that match a players level of ability.


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