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1:1 individual player Practice: Ball Mastery: Inside/outside cuts

.Set-up a 5 x 5 m area with 4 cones. Within training box, practice inside/outside foot cuts. Practice for 2 minutes, with 2 mins active recovery (juggling). In total, complete 4 sets.

Key Coaching Points

  1. On balls of feet for good balance - wide stance

  2. Make contact with big toe to cut inside and small toe (of same foot) to cut outside

  3. For quicker movements make contact on top half of ball

  4. Adjust body shape after every touch

For progressions, can work on "dragging" before inside/outside move. This involves several quick touches with inside of foot - to drag defender out of position. Also, can execute inside right/outside right, inside left/outside left combinations. As develop confidence, can add other 1v1 combinations.


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