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1:1 training session to develop running with the ball, 1v1 attacking moves and passing accuracy


  • 15 mins

  • 1 player

  • 10 balls

  • 1 bib

  • 3 cones

  • 20 m x 20m area


  • Rebounder net set up 20 m from balls

  • Two cones set up in between rebounder net and starting point of balls

  • Player checks in to retrieve a new ball, dribbles past starting point towards rebounder net

  • Player executes a 1v1 attacking move at 2nd cone

  • Player plays pass against rebounder net and adjusts body to play a 1st time pass through the target gate

Key Coaching Points

  • Body shape side on to retrieve ball, get ball out from feet to run with ball at pace

  • Keep ball one step away to run at pace and maintain control

  • Change of pace/direction to execute 1v1 attacking move at 2nd cone

  • Quality passing: “Punch” ball into rebounder net to generate good pace on the ball and be aware of angle wish to receive ball at

  • Open body up to play 1st time pass through one of the target gates


  • Work on both sides – alternative between playing right footed pass and left footed pass through target gates

  • Receive ball back, open body up and take one touch before playing pass through a target gate

  • Set additional guidelines for receiving ie take 1st touch on outside of foot

  • Turn rebounder net around and practice receiving balls in the air

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