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fleetwood town international - High Performance assessment Day

Invitation to Register

Dear Parent and Athlete,

Fleetwood Town International Academy has partnered with Best Athletes to provide parents, athletes and coaches with access to developmental tools that are used by professional and top level college clubs. As a starting point for the Athlete Journey, this involves “Four Corners” assessments including Physical, Cognitive, Tactical and Technical reviews. As a first step, athletes are encouraged to participate in their Physical Assessment testing for fitness benchmarking.

Physical Testing Invitation

You are receiving this email as your (athlete) invitation to attend an in-person COVID-compliant physical fitness testing event. Athletes are invited to participate in this outdoor testing event happening on Saturday, November 20 at Ancaster Sports Centre located at 1030 Lower Lions Club Road, Dundas, Ontario L9H 5E3.

Registration is required to participate and there are 2 cost options:

● $70 per U10+ athlete which includes only the physical assessment.

● $110 per U14+ athlete which includes both the physical assessment as well as the online sports personality questionnaire.

You must register your athlete using the link below and fill out the required (2) waivers.

Deadline to register is Friday, November 19 @ 8:00 PM.

There will be two testing start times @ 7:45 AM and 8:15 AM. An email will be sent 48-72 hours prior to the testing date indicating your specified start time.

What You Need to Know

Physical abilities are one of the Four Corners in soccer and provide a solid building block to success for an athlete. The first tier of physical testing involves measuring the following attributes relative to each athlete’s developmental age (Peak Height Velocity):

Physical Ability Tested (unit)


Acceleration (m/s)

Linear Running Speed (0-5m, 0-10m)

Maximal Velocity (m/s)

Linear Running Speed (0-20, 0-35, 20-35m split)

Power (W); based on Sayers Formula

Vertical Countermovement Jump (Hands on Hips)

Reactive Strength Index

Drop Jump

Maximal Aerobic Velocity (Km/Hr)

Yo-Yo Intermittent Recovery Test

Age of Peak Height Velocity

Standing Height / Sitting Height / Body Weight

Before testing begins athletes will be guided through an approved warm-up and provided with an overview of how to maximize their success for the day.

Please Note: Physical distancing measures will be in place to ensure compliance with Public Health COVID-19 guidelines. This applies to all athletes and coaches. Spectators will not be allowed access onto the field.

After Athletes have completed the Physical testing component, private results will be available for viewing on the Best Athletes platform within 7-10 days.

How to Use the Test Results

Best Athletes has a database of more than 4,000 individual athlete results as well as normative data for elite European and North American soccer athletes. Fleetwood Town International Academy has made arrangements with Best Athletes to provide basic comparative benchmark data for your reference.

Physical abilities are one measure of an athlete’s potential. We encourage athletes to set their own development goals and use this data to guide and inform progress over time. Athletes will have the opportunity to track their progress over the season, year to year, by position, by developmental age and to understand what benchmarks are common at different levels of play. Your goals and benchmarked data can assist your coach in helping you achieve your desired outcomes.

Need more information?

We encourage all parents and athletes to connect with their coaches and clubs for more information. For more outreach, the Club can connect with Best Athletes.

Thank you once again for participating in the testing day and we look forward to your continued development as an athlete and as an individual.

Be Your Best!

Best Athletes Ltd.

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