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FREE Mental Skills assessment for individual players

Research tells us that among the 12 mental skills examined, the differences between elite and sub-elite players were significant in goal setting, relaxation, fear control, activation, focus, re-focus and competition plan. But no difference was observed in self-confidence, commitment, stress reactions, imagery and mental practice. ( Taher & Shahbazi, 2013)

It seems that soccer players lacking functional capacities and mental skills may not continue the participation and/or may not be selected for higher level participations [13]. In contrary, players who have higher scores in functional and mental measures appear to have more probability to reach elite levels (READ FULL RESEARCH PAPER)

You can learn more about your current mental skills performance levels by completing an online FREE survey with Predicta Football. The test consists of 41 questions about your character and your habits. After completion, Predicta Football will then send you an individual report based on mental endurance, pressure management, will power, planning skills and effort management.

Your results will be kept confidential and will not be discussed with anyone else.

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