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Recently, I was appointed as a North American Recruiter/Coach for Fleetwood Town football club in England.

During the next few months I will be identifying, testing and training online a select group of players online with the objective of accelerating their technical, tactical, physical & psychological skills so that they are on par with academy players at professional clubs in the UK.

If results are positive you will be invited to travel to England and train at Fleetwood Town football club during 2021. The program consists of the following: 1) Benchmark Testing (completed online) to test your current technical & physical performance levels. I will then follow up with a 1:1 zoom call to review your results and advise how you compare to players (at your age) within the Fleetwood Town academy  2) 90 days online training support that includes: Technical Training via zoom: 8 x 1 hour sessions/month (recordings available if cannot attend live)  Tactical Training: Access to an online learning platform designed to improve your tactical knowledge Physical Training: A comprehensive home training program to improve speed Mental Skills Training: Online assessment and support 3) Retesting after 90 days to monitor and review your progress 4) Training & Evaluation Opportunities at Fleetwood Town football club in England - subject to performance levels


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