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prepare to play pro -intensive 90day online testing & training program

On October 21st I delivered an educational webinar on How to reach Academy Performance Standards in the UK and successfully pursue opportunities at Fleetwood Town International Academy in 2021.

As a North American Recruiter for Fleetwood Town I am looking to identify and train talented and motivated players who are looking to pursue professional playing opportunities in the UK. I am now accepting male and female players aged 12-18 into a NEW 90 day intensive testing and training program (online) that will allow players to benchmark their current performance levels against academy players in Europe (at their own age-group). I will then work with these players on improving their individual performance levels so that they can travel to Fleetwood Town in England in 2021 to showcase their abilities.

Players have two options:

1) Complete the Online Testing Program here

2) Combine the benchmark testing program with 90 days training online to accelerate your performance levels towards academy standards - join now

I look forward to helping you achieve your soccer goals - get in touch.


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